Contract and Asset Management - Customized Service Plans

We offer customized service agreements to our clients as well as 24/7 service-call support – it is our goal to ensure our clients are completely confident in us and have peace of mind knowing their investments will be maintained regularly and repaired efficiently.

Unlike other service providers, our business model is designed to support yours; MIS performs maintenance on your systems in coordination with your schedule because we would never expect a customer to replace valuable scanning time with routine maintenance.

We use an electronic service database to record each action taken to resolve a client’s need. This database is dispatched to our professional engineering team for monitoring so we can examine, address and resolve every issue you may encounter from a service concern to a PM, all while gathering information to minimize and quickly diagnose future incidents.

Our goal is to always provide you with the tools to increase your revenue and further your business. MIS is proud of its superior service and hopes you will be too.


AdvantageVision is a unique and customizable program (only available from MIS) that creates efficiencies through 24/7 web access to real-time reports.

With AdvantageVision, accurate records of all technical and service reports are accessible – you can instantly view and manage reports, service tickets, meetings and inspections. The robust data obtainable from each system can be used to identify trends and prevent inefficiencies. In addition, you can customize reports, view labor hours, and inspect part modality.

AdvantageVision provides immediate visibility on all of your imaging equipment, giving you the insight of real-time data to better manage your imaging department.

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