2006 Siemens Sensation 64 CT scanner

2006 Siemens Sensation 64 CT scanner

Year of Mfg:               2006

Serial #:                      54864

Software Version:     VB42B  

Software Options:

Get Worklist, CAP3D Filter SSD, MIP, Main, VOI Mode, Cardio Pro, Cardio Retro,

Bolus Track,    CARE Dose, Syngo General License, CAP3D Filter VRT, CAP3D Editor,

High Speed, Power Tube, Cardiac Speed 0.37, MPPS Support, Volume Workflow,      

Sensation 64, CAP3D Bone Removal, MR Support I, Dicom SR Viewer

Certified, re-conditioned Straton Z tube (zero scan seconds)

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